The absorption refrigerator was not getting cold and after doing some research and finding a site that seems credible with some diagnostics that asked three questions; 1. Do you hear any gurgling, 2. Do you smell any ammonia, 3. Do you see any orange stains. I was able to answer yes on the first two but did not see any orange staining (sodium chromate) on the interior or on any of the pipes on the rear. There is a company in northern Alabama that repairs absorption refrigerators and that may be an option. A new unit is around $1200 where a repair would be around half. On the repair side shipping both ways can eat up any savings, so i’m opting to replace the unit.

Info on absorption refrigeration
The four refrigerant liquids, solids, gases: Water, hydrogen, ammonia, sodium chromate

Removing the old ref

New installed, -2 f in the freezer