The generator appeared to have a bad starter and needed to be replaced. There is not much room in the generator compartment so I removed the generator (204 lbs) and set if up on a bench.

I did get it running on starting fluid but found that the electric fuel pump was dead (open, infinite ohms). I have a pump, fuel filter and oil filter on order. I found that the bearing on the generator end was making some noise and getting hot. A new Timken bearing is on it’s way.
Preparing to replace the bearing, which turned out to be impossible due to excessive corrosion around the bearing boss. Put an end cap on the housing with a zerk fitting for grease.


After reinstalling the and verifying that there was power at the panel it was time to investigate the transfer switch.

Due to corrosion there was a bad connection that generated heat and melted the wire. Cleaned up all the connections and used a oxidation inhibitor.