Afternoon Ride

I had made some changes and wanted to try them out. The new “cow catcher” worked perfectly, clearing almost all of the small debris from the rail. I had brought the chain saw with me and cleared a number of small pine trees that had fallen across the tracks. There seem to be an increasing number the farther west I go which would make sense due to the path of the hurricane that went through this area in October of 2017. 
The seat continues to be an issue. I have yet to find a design and setup that works well. Structurally the area beneath the seat needs to be stronger. One of the problems is that the bike is a fixed platform that does not tilt and that the set is attached to a point around 3″ across. That is a lot of leverage on the connection. 

New item by Pete Olson / Google Photos

Here is a short video from today’s ride:  Today’s ride