A Real 2 x 4

I had to cut out some framing up in the attic and saved this hunk of 2×4. I started doing carpentry work in 1974 and this is the first time I have come across a piece of lumber that was the actual dimensional size.

Video Tour

Janice did this on her phone. When we get a video camera we will update it. Link to YouTube video

Barn Second Floor

The next project was to clear out the second floor of the barn. Lots of old wood with plenty of broken off rusty nails, a few doors, window sash, and random mismatched short lengths of molding.

My Very Own Junk Yard

Here is a video showing all of the stuff that has come out of the cellar, attic and the barn (1st floor). The barn second floor is chuck full of more wood, some doors that most likely came from the house, old locks, windows, short pieces of old trim, and things that I have no …

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Fireplace / Chimney

The fireplace / chimney does not directly go all the way to the ground in the cellar. Instead it is supported by two brick piers with a couple of 2 x 8’s laid up flat. This is a two and a half story chimney which has a fair amount of weight to it. Was this …

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Circa 1860 I have never seen a house framed like this. There is a 4 x 8 vertical post on either side with a 4 x 8 plate running around the perimeter. Y bracing mid span with bracing in all 4 corners. With this area know for ship building, it is only natural that the …

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