Month: March 2018

Front Porch-Steps

The front of the house gets baked by the afternoon sun. So, the use of pressure treated wood for decking and treads would take a beating out there. Composites might not check and crack like PT but the amount of expansion from the heat would be a issue. So, I guess the tried and tested …

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Termite Swarm

It is the time of the year when temperatures begin to rise and trigger the termite colonies to expand. Below are “swarmers” out looking for a new place to start a colony. New item by Pete Olson / Google Photos   New item by Pete Olson / Google Photos Some info about termites from Terminix: …

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More rot

I had to open up the wall above the window to run some wires and found some rotted wood. A classic example of improper flashing around a roof penetration. New item by Pete Olson / Google Photos